Blue Ivy


You are all set. You have not only bought the clothes but also the shoes which go perfectly with them. As for you, you have prepared everything and now you are ready for a night out in Amsterdam. Nightlife in Holland’s capital city is quite famous for a couple of locations for your entertainment. Just to name a few, the squares, bars and the very popular adult areas. We have all heard about the Red Light District. But what more does Amsterdam nightlife have to offer you so all of your preparations do not go to waste. You need not worry because Amsterdam hosts just the right kind of party for you in the best party location available right now. This location lies very close to one of those popular squares, Rembrandtplein. Get ready to meet the one, the only Blue Ivy Nightclub. You have spare time only during the week or freed up some for the weekend? As for Blue Ivy Nightclub Amsterdam nightlife is jumping all through the week, so come on down and enjoy nightlife!

Amsterdam Nightlife? Brisk with Blue Ivy Nightclub!

Nightlife in Amsterdam is unimaginable without Blue Ivy Nightclub being part of the scene, even though the venue was opened not too long ago. But Blue Ivy Nightclub is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the Amsterdam nightlife, simply because Blue Ivy Nightclub:

  • Keeps it fresh;
  • stays up-to-date;
  • is creative;
  • has its own style;
  • parties not only at night.

At Blue Ivy Nightclub there is something new to experience every time you visit this eclectic club. Home not only to

eclectic music but also Hip-Hop, R&B, Urban, House and more music styles. Blue Ivy Nightclub has its own schedule ready making sure to give the guests the party they want. The creativity of Blue Ivy Nightclub is not only visible in the versatility of decorations and the inside of the venue. At the bars you will witness this creativity as the bar staff creates some of their mind blowing cocktails. Nightlife in Amsterdam at Blue Ivy Nightclub, even for your own celebration. Party at daytime? Consider it done. Rent the entire place and have your own party arranged to perfection, from food to transportation. Blue Ivy Nightclub takes good care of you!

Nightlife Amsterdam? Blue Ivy Nightclub celebrates!

How do you vision nightlife? Amsterdam offers many options as does Blue Ivy Nightclub as part of all the Amsterdam nightlife clubs. This venue is able to magically suit any kind of celebration in very little time, formal or informal. Decorations are ready set to serve any purpose. While hosting its own parties, Blue Ivy Nightclub features two separable areas. One area is great for the dancing party lovers where the line up keeps feeding your dancing needs. The other area, the lounge, is what you would call exceptional. Especially the island bar and the lighting make it great for enjoying drinks while having a chat with friends, family or co-workers. Amsterdam nightlife at Blue Ivy Nightclub also for a relaxed, sociable evening out.

Blue Ivy Nightclub

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