Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy Clubcard

With this pass you will get exclusive entrance to Blue Ivy Nightclub on Monday nights. As a Blue Ivy Member you will also receive exclusive deals and offers. Make sure that all information is filled out correctly and that it matches your ID/Passport.

Without an ID, driver's license or passport that matches the information on the Club Card, the Club Card will not grant you access to Blue Ivy. We're asking for a valid Social Media link in this form, because we want to make sure your information checks out. We have to do this because Blue Ivy is obliged to be able to show a list of certified Blue Ivy members to the municipality of Amsterdam when asked for.

Club Cards are meant to be carried and used only by the rightful owners. Do not lend out your Club Card, as we will have to revoke it and have to ban the card-owner and the person unrightfully using the card. Any form of copying the Club Card will result in a permanent black listing, meaning that entrance will be permanently denied.

Your personal information will not be shared with third parties, and will be stored until further notice in a secure offline location.

Blue Ivy and her promoters are entitled to deny your Club Card request at all times without further notice. We strongly follow these rules, and repercussions will be forced if not acted by these terms and conditions.

To apply for a Club Card, you agree with the terms and conditions.

Please note: Club Cards are meant for Dutch Citizens. If you are visiting from abroad, don't worry, you're still more than welcome to visit a Monday night-out with a one time ticket.