Post-LASIK Activity Schedule

Many people think that after the LASIK eye surgery everything’s gonna be normal within a minute like nothing but that’s not true! Yeah! It’s  a very normal surgery that takes 20 minute to complete but after that you have to take all the major precautions and follow the activity schedule to heal fast and to avoid infection.

So, here are the post-LASIK activity schedule that may definitely help you guys:-

Day of Surgery:

When you come home after the surgery you spend time with peace and day resting. Some patients like to have friends or family with them. This time your eyes are very sensitive so you should avoid doing any activity. On the day of surgery you have to follow these steps:

  • Whenever you feel irritating something in your eyes use lubricating drops and avoid rubbing your eyes.
  • You should not watch T.V or read anything.
  • You can take shower if you feel you can’t avoid it but make sure that no water will enter your eyes.
  • The day of surgery you should avoid alcohol consumption.
  • Avoid driving.

24 Hours After the Surgery:

The day after surgery some things have been changed. You can start some light work to do but still you have to avoid some things for some time. So here are the steps that you can do after the day of surgery:

  • The very first thing that you want to know is whether you can use soap or not? So the answer is a big NO! You should avoid water and soap in the eyes.
  •  Keep your eyes well lubricated when you are working on a computer or watching T.V.
  • Now you can use makeup if it’s necessary but do not apply eye makeup.
  • Drive a short distance.
  • If you are flying in an airplane apply eye drops approximately in 30 minutes.

After 3 days of Surgery:

So, now when 3 days completed after the surgery you can start some exercise or can do some more stuff like given below:

  • If you are applying makeup on eyes please remove it gently.
  • Now you can swim but with goggles.
  • Now you can dye your hair and wax your eyebrows.
  • You can start doing light exercise like treadmill or stationary bike.

After 1 week of the surgery:

Now you can do swimming and sailing without eye protection. Now you can start your sports that you are playing or practicing but if you are a player of boxing or martial arts you have to wait for 1 month.

After 1 month of the Surgery:

One month after surgery you can do the following with eye protection:

  • Now you can start your boxing and mixed martial arts practicing. 
  • You can use false eyelashes or those products that are used for eyelashes growth.
  • Now you can enjoy waterslides, water skiing and windsurfing.

After 3 months of the Surgery:  

Now you can do everything but with some caution and always take care of your eyes.


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